We Made a Wish and You Came True

Who doesn’t love babies?  The way they smell, the way they coo, the way their skin feels so impossibly soft.   What I miss most about Emma being a newborn though, is getting up to feed her in the quiet of the night and then sitting with her in the rocking chair; her little body all snuggled up in my arms, her beautiful little face propped up on my shoulder so I could smell the sweetness of her breath and knowing the exactly moment she fell sound asleep because her breathing was so contented.  I would sit there rocking with her for much longer than need be because it just felt so darn perfect.  It’s enough to make any woman’s uterus jump.


Before any one gets any bright ideas about me having another child let me say this…  I know my limits which is why Emma is an only child.   Talk to the hand, ok.


If you haven’t guessed yet I went to a baby shower today.  Between all the ooohhhing and aaahhhing I took careful note to observe  the planning and attention to detail that goes into having such a party.  A baby shower is not just like any other party – yes, there’s the food and decorations, but then there’s the added element of creating an environment to show the expectant parents how loved they are and how happy you are to celebrate them as a new family.   Who better than to host such a party than the new grandmothers (or another close family member)?  Their love is unconditional and they are way excited about their child’s child.  It’s intoxicating to watch the amount of love that can pour out from them.


Not to mention – Simply said, the baby stuff is just too cute.  Today’s shower was for a boy and the theme was a little monkey.  So, of course, there were monkey plates, monkey cups and monkey napkins.  There was also a monkey cake.  My sister-in-law, who also is a baker, was one of the hostesses for this shower.  Actually, ‘baker’ is an understatement.  She is a supreme artist when it comes to cakes and does it as a side business out of her home.  She creates, by far, the best cakes EVER!  I swear she has some magic flavor wand she waves over them to make them so tasty.  But even more so, they truly are edible art.  She has made some of the most amazing cakes I’ve ever seen.  Here’s today’s cake and a couple of others she has made for showers I’ve hosted over the years:


Today’s cake.


 Baby Shower Crib Cake #1

For my girlfriend’s shower.


For my sister’s shower.


I told you she rocked!  As if the cake wasn’t enough she also made chocolate lollipops as today’s favors. 


Adorable and chocolate! A girl’s dream come true.


The last baby shower I hosted was for my sister about 5 years ago.  At the time I found some really cute favor and decor ideas on the web.  I never saved the names of the sites I got the ideas from so, unfortunately, I cannot credit the originators.  I’m sure they are somewhere on Pinterest now, but I don’t feel like looking for them.  Hopefully, these will be helpful if you ever need ideas:


The baby clothes line makes an easy decoration/gift. Clothes line, clothes pins, onesies, bibs and socks are all you need. Sorry for the blurry pic. I sucked at taking them then.

Need an easy, cheap favor? Baby's breath flowerpot. Fill a terra cotta pot with potting soil, add a few seeds of baby's breath, put the saucer on top and tie with a ribbon. Give them to your guests to take home to water & grow the baby's breath. About a $1 each. BOOM!


Diaper cakes. Necessary so you can make poop seem cute.


The diaper cake idea came from my friend, Jacki.  She runs a business where she makes diaper cakes and other interesting favors.  She’s very crafty, highly conscientious and detailed.  And besides, she’s my friend so you know she’s funny and cool as shit.  Here’s her website should you ever want to order something from her:   Chique Simplicity


Sorry to be so sappy!  Maybe it’s just all that baby sweetness that washed over me.  I’m sure in my next post I will return to my usual sarcastic, snarky self.  It just didn’t seem appropriate here.    I do want to say this though – In like 20 years, if Emma ever decides to have a child, I will require the baby call me ‘Glammy’.  None of this Nanna or Mom-Mom bullshit for me.  I’m far too young (and vain) for that.