My name is Jen and I am just another forty-something white girl searching to get the best out of everything that is available to me in life.  I love to travel as often as humanly possible.  Thankfully, my “real” job is a good one and affords me that ability.  By day, I run drug trials.  By night, I do everything else that a law-abiding citizen should – make dinner, help with homework, exercise, run errands, do yard work… the list is endless. 

Some of my titles include: Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Employee, Tax-Payer and Friend.

I do consider myself to be quite funny, but it’s not like stand-up funny the way Chris Rock, Kathy Griffin or Lisa Lampanelli are.  They are masters.  I am funny in conversation –  quick with a comeback or reference.  My hope is that this is a sign of intelligence!  Otherwise, I am just an asshole who is impressed with herself.


Yep, this is me.  Thank God for make up and

a professional photographer.



2 responses

  1. Hey there! I just met you in my store today. I’m so glad I didn’t flake out and forget to look up your blog. Just read the recommended 80s post and I LOVE it. Super cute cookies ad I think you’re definitely as funny (funnier) than Chris Rock. Look forward to reading more!


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