It’s Here, It’s Here, It’s Here!!!

Winter got ya down?  Gray skies giving you the blues?  Bone chilling wind making you yearn for hibernation?  Well, I’ve got the cure for that.  For tomorrow, February 22, is…

National Margarita Day

If you need a moment to compose yourselves, go ahead.  I will wait until you are ready.


Ready?  Good.

When I realized NMD is on a Friday this year, my immediate thought was, ‘Who can I ask to be my partner in crime?’  Fortunately, I didn’t have to think too long or hard about it.  My girlfriend, Michelle, is always up for a party, loves a good ‘rita and is a delight to spend a major holiday with.  So earlier this week I texted her to see if she was up for it.  Hells yeah she was!  ‘Where should we go?, I responded, “I can meet you at Whelihan’s; Do they even make a decent margarita? We must go somewhere that does.”  Because Michelle is brilliant her reply was, “Perhaps Mas Mexicali Cantina for Margaritas and dinner?”  This is why I love her.  This is why I need her in my life.

(The above paragraph just made me realize how badly I need something long and hard, but I digress.)

Anyhoo… Thanks to Michelle’s superior intelligence and knowledge of establishments that cater to Mexican fare, she and I will be celebrating limes, salt, ice and tequila tomorrow night in the bustling college town of West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Why don’t you join us?  We will be raising our glasses around 6pm.

Just think of how great a party this could become.  You know you want to…  It’ll make you feel good.

Stay tuned for NMD pictures.


One response

  1. My head is gigantic with all the ego boosting….wait, what is with the all the innuendo though? hhhmmm, nevermind.

    I can’t wait! We will toast to our time at Frida’s in Playa del Carmen and plan our next trip to a tropical destination. Also, vamos a conseguir shitfaced!!!

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