Does This Tuesday Make Me Look Fat?

I can’t even pretend I have a quippy story for Mardi Gras.

Believe me, I would love to provide you with some hilarious tale about the time I went to NOLA, ate a hundred beignets, drank my face off, puked in a storm gutter and got pregnant in a jazz club.  Probably in that order.

But alas, none of it would be true.  I’m a good girl (for the most part).  So you’re gonna have to accept my boring post about something I have actually never done – partied on Mardi Gras.  I want to.  Really and truly.  I think it would be fun to serve drinks and a King cake to guests while wearing fake boobs (see my post from last year, Mardi Gras Is Tomorrow?!?!?!).  Not this year though.  Hmmmph!

So… if you are going to bars or having a party or just flashing strangers on your way to work tomorrow, have fun.  Kiss some babies and shake some hands.  Throw one back for me and enjoy the hell out of the party.  I’ll join you one of these times.


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