Party Hostess Etiquette 101

“If it’s brown flush it down; if it’s yellow let it mellow.”

~My former neighbor                             

If you live with other people there may come a time when everyone becomes comfortable enough to forgo flushing each and every time they ‘go’.  My hope for you is that this will only involve the yellow variety.  And I get it – it saves on water consumption and isn’t as tough on your pipes (particularly if you have a septic tank). 

We had a little get together with our very dear friends this past Monday to celebrate Memorial Day and the unofficial end of summer.  Like a good hostess I had almost everything prepared ahead of time: all grocery shopping was done, side dishes were made and the house was tidied up.  It was very casual so I didn’t feel the need to go too crazy with the prep. 

However, just before our friends arrived, I did perform a few last-minute checks: 

Enough propane in the grill tank? Check. 

Beer AND sodas in the cooler? Check. 

Nothing in between my teeth? Check.

I don’t know what came over me and made me think to lift the seat, but I did, and to my horror, there it was – tinted water with a wad of toilet paper floating on top!  Crisis averted – WHEW!!!

The party gods must have been smiling on me in that moment.  They must know what it means to me to be a good hostess.  They must want me to continue having great parties.  They must have known I would write about this so you know to check the toilet for debris before your guests arrive. 

And so my friends, be forewarned.  If you live with another human being, check the toilet before having a party.  If you are taken aback by any “surprises” when you raise the lid, imagine how mortified you would feel if you knew it happened to one of your guests. 


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