Inspiration Point

(Continued from my previous post, Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today…)

We closed ‘Swing Bar’ that first night.

Don’t be too impressed though because it closed at 5pm.  But hey, we should get some credit because we had been up since 3AM, right?

Truth be told, none of us got rip-roaring drunk (though, apparently, tequila really does make my clothes fall off – thank you Joe Nichols for pointing that out in your song; you must have been there watching us).  Sure, we all had a decent buzz, but it was the first day of vacation with friends which = PARTY  so of course we were going to indulge a bit.  Mostly though we were completely intoxicated by 70° temperatures, sitting on swings and walking barefoot on the warm sand… in January.  Besides none of us wanted to miss a minute of this experience by being hung over (ok, I was a little woozy the next morning).

With the bartenders gone and our tummies ready for something solid, we walked back to our rooms in Building 12 to get ready for dinner.  Here’s what awaited us…

 Building 12

Home Sweet Home.  Well, for 5 days.


Yes, taking a bath in this tub WAS fabulous.

 Our Room 4

I made Charlie hide our luggage before I took this picture.

 Our Room 3

A lovely spot for a soirée, don'tcha think?

 View from our room

The view from our room.  
I love how the sunshine makes it look dreamy.

We did dip into the warm, clear, turquoise ocean water every now and then.  We did go to town for a few hours (see my previous post Wha-What??  It’s National Margarita Day).  Us girls did indulge in a spa treatment for an afternoon while the guys went snorkeling.  And I did lay in a hammock for a while. 


That's right, bitches.


I'm such a spa girl.  I was even impressed with the locker room.

 Spa 4

Lay here and have an herbal tea while awaiting your treatment.

 Spa 3

So fun to play F, Marry, Kill with the girls here.
(Actually, we did that in the sauna, but I don't have a pic of that.)


Where I belong.

But for the better part of our destination party, we sat at Swing Bar, soaking up the experience of sitting on a plank of wood suspended from ropes which were tied to thatched hut cross beams.  All while savoring that delicious ocean breeze and a myriad of liquid adult refreshments.  For nearly every one of those amazing five days we were pampered at Secrets Maroma Resort in Rivera Maya, Mexico, we sat at the beach hut laughing with the bartenders and each other while avoiding tequila.

On our last full day in paradise someone longingly said (I think it was Molly), “We need to take Swing Bar back home”.  Then someone else chimed in (I think it was Blondie), “Charlie needs to build Swing Bar in his backyard”.  And with that, an idea was birthed.  Yes.  Yes, Swing Bar does belong in Pennsylvania goddamnit.


"I think I can, I think I can..."


This is what he was looking at.

(Back story – Charlie is very good with house projects.  He has finished our basement, tore our bathroom and kitchen down to the studs and rebuilt everything, re-sided the house, replaced all of the windows and put an amazing deck on the house all by himself, etc., etc.,.  That’s why Blondie made this statement.)

Later that last night at the resort we all partied in my & Charlie’s room.  After ordering just about everything on the room service menu (definitely all of the desserts) we noshed, drank champagne, laughed and fell in love all over again with our friendship for each other. 

I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but it was the best vacation I’ve ever had. 

 Pool View 5

Damn I miss you Secrets Maroma.



Secrets Maroma

To be continued…

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