Video Killed The Radio Star? I Think Not.

Thanks to your favorite party blog writer, your menu is planned, you know what you will be wearing, your decorations are on their way and your games are ready to go.  The only thing you need to do now is get your 80s music list together.  Well, I am here for you.

I go through stages with music.  I’ll listen to something incessantly and then, all of a sudden, get sick of hearing the same stuff over and over and won’t play it again for a very long time.  Case in point – a couple of years ago I had a hard-on for all things Beatles.  Charlie and Emma and I went to see Sir Paul in concert and I couldn’t get enough of the Fab Four (he was AWESOME by the way).  My ipod was filled to the brim with every one of their albums and that was all I wanted to hear.  Then one day I just couldn’t stand the thought of hearing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band one more time.  No rhyme or reason – just couldn’t. 

Conversely, I had heard every song from the 80s a million-gazillion times during my youth and never even entertained the idea of playing them again.  I was burned out.  For, like, 20 years.  But people change; I’ve  listened to little else recently.  It’s funny how music triggers memories.  Going to the beach with friends…proms…break ups.  I have really enjoyed this journey back in time.  It makes me proud to look back at myself and see how far I’ve come in 30 years.

And though I typically don’t like to read a lists of someone’s top 20 songs/movies/tv shows because I find them boring, I am going to provide you with a list of some of the songs I will feature at my 80s party.  My hope is that this will help you with your music selection…

Michael JacksonBeat It because Eddie Van Halen plays the guitar solo, P.Y.T. because girls want a man to write a song like that about them and Thriller because it is awesome and we all want to do those dance moves.


Madonna – Where do I begin?  Hmmm, let’s see:  Holiday because it is dance-y and makes me feel happy, Material Girl and Into The Groove too.  I could put a TON of her other songs on there, but that would be overkill.

Beastie Boys – I am trying to refrain from playing all of Licensed to Ill.  You can’t go wrong with She’s Crafty, Brass Monkey or  Paul Revere though.

Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant, Ratt, Cinderella – I was never into the hair band thing, I just didn’t get it.  But all my girlfriends were (and still are).  I am relying on them to loan their cds to me in order to please the crowd.  Otherwise, I got nothin’.  I’m open to advice though so feel free to educate me on the best hair band songs by leaving comments below!

PretendersMiddle of the Road

Pat Benatar Love is a Battlefield (who doesn’t remember that video?)

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun because well, we do.

Billy Idol – I’ve gained a new appreciation for the spiky blonde wonder lately.  His music was pretty good.  Rebel Yell is my favorite.  I can really fist pump around my living room to that one.

INXS – Anything from Kick.  But you should have them on your playlist mostly because of Michael Hutchence.  May his hotness rest in peace.

All kinds of smoldery.

Human LeagueDon’t you want me?  That’s the name of the song, not an invitation.

George MichaelI Want Your Sex.  Again, not an invitation.

Van HalenPanama and Hot For Teacher

Duran Duran – Let’s pause for a moment to let the awesomeness of Duran Duran wash over us.  The catchy beats, the smooth lyrics… John Taylor.  Oh how I loved DD.  Rio, Planet Earth, Girls On Film, The Reflex, Hungry Like The Wolf.  Any of these songs are quality choices for your set list.

I so had this poster.

Whitney Houston – Since she died if I hear I Will Always Love You one more time I may set myself on fire.  However, How Will I Know and I Wanna Dance With Somebody are still great tunes.


Rob Base – Quick… When you saw ‘Rob Base’ on my list did you hear “I wanna rock right now” in your head?  Yeah, I thought so.  That’s why you have to have It Takes Two on yours.

Rick Springfield – Causing women everywhere to get a shit-eating grin on their faces and sing along no matter where they are, “Jessie is a friend…”.  Do I really need to explain this one?

The Psychedelic FursLove My Way and Pretty In Pink.  Both songs have a kinda sad, creepy undertone.  So 80s pop-goth.

The Go-GosWe Got The Beat and Our Lips Are Sealed

Sold to us as clean cut good girls.
They were really just a bunch of drug snorting sluts.
I swear.  Watch 'Behind The Music'.

Def Leppard – I don’t consider them a hair band because their music was good.  Photograph and Rock of Ages are essential.

Hall & Oats – An 80s powerhouse.  You Make My Dreams and Private Eyes were in constant rotation on MTV.  Daryl Hall could really rock the white jacket with 3/4 length sleeves and skinny tie.  Absolute musts for any 80s theme party.

The Cars Shake It Up

and of course,

Prince –  See my last post Eat Your Heart Out, George Orwell for a detailed explanation.  Additionally, Little Red Corvette and Kiss are required.  And don’t forget – Purple Rain should be the last song on your playlist.

NOTE: You will find no Bobby Brown or Guns ‘n Roses on this list.  My best friend, Heather, would kill me if My Prerogative was mixed into the rotation because (as she put it) “HE RUINED WHITNEY HOUSTON!”.  And no GnR because I think Axel Rose can’t sing and is a cunt.

P.S. – While searching for images of our 80s icons to entertain you with in this post I came across some funny pictures.  I may not know what my ideal job is, but I can tell you this, I never want to be a wig model.

Images *borrowed* from:  ; MJ Thriller video – YouTube; Michael Hutchence pic –;  Duran Duran pic –; Go-Go’s pic –; 80s Rocker Wig –

Eat Your Heart Out, George Orwell

Without question 1984 was my favorite year of the decade.  I was FINALLY in public school.  I started working my first job and earning my own money.  My crippling self-consciousness had begun to subside.  And Sixteen Candles was in theaters. 

But the best part, for me, was the music.

We were 2 years into the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller; it was still going strong and everyone was pretending they could moonwalk.  Van Halen unleashed 1984 and, in conjunction with it, the Hot For Teacher video (for my guy friends, the video is below.  (You’re welcome.).  Like a Virgin was charting and, oh yes, I was into the groove.  And we only had another 2 years to wait for The Beastie Boys to advise us to fight for our right to party.

But by far, the one piece of music that changed everything for me debuted that summer.  The first single hit airwaves on May 9th.  The very first time I heard that song I knew I had to start saving some cash to buy the album.  I waited 6 excruciating weeks before I could get my grandmother to take me to the mall so I could scurry my stirrup-pants-wearing-ass into Sam Goody to buy the cassette.  June 25, 1984 to be exact.  That was the album’s release date and I bought it that day.  My grandmother didn’t have a cassette player in her car so I was in agony on the ride home until I could put it in my rectangular tape player and press ‘play’ (looking back it was probably for the best!).  I remember sitting in her car, tearing open the cellophane wrapper and scanning the cover.  He was dressed like a woman or a pirate or a woman pirate or something like that.  He was short in stature but had the confidence of a Goliath, bordering on downright cocky.  He played the electric guitar like it was his lover; like no other human being burning up MTV.  And although I was never attracted to him, every move he made dripped raw sexuality and clicked into my burgeoning hormones, making me yearn for someone (preferably Rob Lowe) to wear my vagina like an oxygen mask.  

Of course, I’m talking about Prince and the Revolution’s Purple Rain.

I’ve been listening to the album a lot lately in order to write this post.  There are only 9 songs on it. 

Nine phe-fucking-nominal songs. 

Let me state for the record (I don’t know which record; just some imaginary one, I guess) that the album should only be listened to in its’ entirety.  28 years later and I cannot pick one song I love more than the others.  From the first organ cord and  subsequent sermon (“Dearly Beloved…”) of Let’s Go Crazy to the final orchestral strings of Purple Rain – I am breathless throughout.  I know every word, but still have no idea what the hell many of them mean.  No matter though – it’s the music that rivets my soul.  The repetitive tribal beat of When Doves Cry.   That damn guitar riff in The Beautiful Ones.  The trance-like opening of Computer Blue.  The seemless transition between I Would Die 4 U and Baby I’m A Star.  Yeah, there’s no way I can pick just one as my favorite. 

Yes, Prince is weird as shit.  But, despite his name changes, flamboyant ruffled capes and words shaved into his beard, I love to watch that man play the guitar.  2004 was the last time Charlie and I got to see him in concert (for the Musicology tour).  We walked through the security turnstiles of the (then) Wachovia Center and were promptly handed a copy of The Purple One’s new album.  The Time and Jill Scott opened for him and they were just fine.  But when the lights dimmed, Charlie and I and the rest of the frenzied crowd leapt to our feet.  That night he performed 7 of the 9 songs on Purple Rain, eliminating only Computer Blue and Darling Nikki.  I imagine because they are both songs about lust and he’s a Jehovah’s Witness or something now.  The opening set was balls-to-the-wall electric Princeness.  His 5’2″ frame bounding all across the centrally situated stage, using his guitar as an instrumental phallic extension of his own body.  A true Rock God.  For his second set (my favorite) he sat alone on the stage in a swivel chair playing the acoustic guitar, intermittently turning to face each direction of the crowd to interact with us minions – encouraging us to sing his choruses; teasingly correcting us when we messed up.  He closed the night, of course, with the epic Purple Rain.  The emotion in the building was palpable and moved me to tears.  Sounds gay, but I’m baring my innermost feelings here.  Leave me alone.

So when planning the music list for your 80s theme soirée, keep in mind that it would be a unforgiveable sin to not conclude your celebratory tribute to those bodacious 10 years with the song Purple Rain.  Preferably giving your guests lighters to hold high over their heads while listening to one of the best guitar performances ever recorded.

May he reign forever.


Is that a musical pirate?  No, it's only Prince in 1984.


Images *borrowed* from: Hot For Teacher video – YouTube, Prince pic – Wikipedia 

Are You Kidding Me With This?

I usually only make an effort to decorate for a party at Halloween (believe me, you will read about that in September and October) or for one of Emma’s birthday parties.  However, I’m making an exception for my 80s theme party.  Nothing too elaborate… some well placed posters (thanks to Amazon), clean pizza boxes instead of serving platters to house the food, maybe I can find a boombox around my house and turn into a centerpiece somehow (I’m sure some DIY genius already has done that on Pinterest somewhere).

Holy shitballs you guys!  I just googled ‘boombox centerpiece’ and sure enough some crazy-dumb stuff turned up.  Particularly this:


This will not be at my house.

A paper cutout of a boombox with music notes and Beaker-esque fountain hair coming out of the top?  NOT my idea of decor.  I do have a multi-colored strobe light/disco ball thingy I can use.  And a Rubik’s Cube.   I may even have some cassette tapes hanging around somewhere – I’ll have to do some digging.  Whatdaya think? Anything else? I would love to hear from you!  Feel free to add a comment!

Images *borrowed* from: Boombox pic – Arcade Party Supplies

She Had Me At Hello

Menu planning for my 80s theme party has begun.  I already know which spirits I will be serving – Mudslides, a vodka punch and beer.  I had some extra time the other day so I decided to take advantage of it and went on a field trip to my beloved Total Wine in Wilmington, DE.  I’m an early bird so I set out around 8:45 in order to get there at about 9:30.  I drove the 45 minutes singing at the top of my lungs and having a blast by my damn self; eager with anticipation to browse the alcohol mecca’s abundantly stocked shelves.

When I pulled into the Milltown Shopping Center parking lot there was only a smattering of cars peppering the spaces.  I navigated into a spot right in front of the store.  Score!  That never happens when I go to Total Wine because they are usually always so busy.  Pleased with my choice to avoid the crowds I flung open my car door and headed for the shopping carts.  I never cross the threshold of Total Wine without a cart – I mean, who would I be kidding?

Once inside I started scanning the aisle markers hanging from the ceiling as to guide myself toward the vodka.  Another customer was blocking Vodka Row so I had to pass down Bourbon Avenue in order to get to what I needed.  When I turned the corner I slowed my cart and started browsing the shelves.  That’s when I heard her for the very first time.  “Hi there”, she said, “If you need any help with anything let me know.”  She was all kinds of adorable with her short brown hair accented by a funky, stylish headband.  Her voice full of sincerity; really wanting to help me with my selections.  She exuded warmth and friendliness and made me feel comfortable.  I’d be surprised if she’s even 25.

Because I think I know everything I responded with my usual, “Oh thanks, I’m just looking for now.”  But instead of going back to stocking the shelves right away, she dropped a joke to which I responded, “You could be my new best friend.”  She giggled and I opened up a little more to inform her I was shopping for an 80s theme party.  Her eyes lit up and she said, “Well, then you MUST have Poppin’ Vodka!  There’s Cherry Cola, which is a little on the sweet side alone, but good when mixed with Coke or Sprite, and then there’s Marshmallow Puff Poppin’ which is fantastic all by itself.”  I was smitten right then and there.

She proceeded to offer advice on the bottles lining the shelves before me.  I told her I wanted a good vodka but was hesitant to pay for Grey Goose.  “Ugghh, don’t buy that!”, she said.  “The reason it is so popular is only because it is the best vodka carried by restaurants – it’s way too expensive.  What you want to buy is Esmé.  It was voted Best Vodka at the Los Angeles Spirits Competition.  It’s from the same region in France as Grey Goose and is distilled the same way.  It’s just not a household name.  I would offer you a taste, but it’s really early.  Oh and my name is Lauren, but I go by Moxie.  Oh and so you know, when you see the yellow tags on our products it means that no one else can get them so we don’t have any competition and can sell them at cost.  Oh and Thursday mornings are a really bad time to come in here because it’s truck day and we are restocking everything so the aisles are usually blocked.  Oh and if you ever buy something we recommend and don’t like it you can totally bring it back and we will refund your money.”

The price is right.

I had to pinch myself to keep from thinking I was in a dream.  This young girl was so knowledgeable.  So confident in her ability to speak to the Total Wine brands.  So bubbly.  It crossed my mind to ask if Total Wine management required their employees to eat their Wheaties before coming to work, but I couldn’t get the words out.  I stood there stunned and wide-eyed and had to blink a few times to regain my composure; had to wipe away the saliva I could feel forming in the corner of my mouth.  I took the opportunity to shamelessly plug this blog and said, “I sing the praises of Total Wine on my blog all the time and am going to do it again thanks to you.”  Her eyes brightened again and she said, “I love reading blogs, what is yours?”  So I gave her my URL and told her it was all about parties.  She said she would read it (yeah, right).  She then gave me advice on the best Irish Cream and Coffee Liquor to buy for the Mudslides I plan to make for my 80s gig.

I got the few other staples I needed for the upcoming outdoor season, strolled over to the checkout and paid my bill.  Upon exiting, I felt happy to have met such a dynamic person who seems to passionately love her job.  So often I leave stores with an empty feeling from the customer service I receive.  Not so with Moxie at Total Wine in Wilmington, DE.  I felt completely satiated during the drive home.

As if I needed another reason to tell you that you need to go to Total Wine for all your party spirits, I found one on this trip.  Not only do they have the best selection and best prices you will find in the tri-state area, they also have superb customer service.

Sure enough, later that night I got 5 new comments on my various posts.  My new bff had, indeed, visited my site, likes my writing and thinks I’m funny.  I needed that.  I’ve been bummed lately because I think no one is reading this stuff.  

I like to believe it is no accident that the English translation for Esmé is “admiration and allure”.  For that is exactly how I feel about my new friend, Moxie.

Moxie's recommendations.

80s Quiz Results

As promised, it’s been a week since I posted The Official ‘I Just Believe In Parties’ 80s Trivia Quiz.  Here are the answers:

1.  Which musical act which was not featured at Live Aid?  Answer:  Joan Jett and the Black Hearts.

2.  Name Arnold and Willis Jackson’s adoptive father.  Answer: Phillip Drummond.


3.  Who said, “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives”?  Answer: Ronald Reagan.

4.  Rainbow Brite and the…  Answer: Color Kids.

File:Rainbow Brite and Color Kids.jpg

5. The mom from Family Ties, Meredith Baxter-Birney, is now a lesbian.  Answer: True.

Images *borrowed* from: Joan Jett pic –;  Diff’rent Strokes pic –; Reagan pic –; Rainbow Brite pic – Wikipedia; Meredith Baxter-Birney pic –

Target Practice

While strolling through Target the other day I was stopped in my tracks.  Why?  It wasn’t because the new line of outdoor, pretty yet practical, party supplies distracted me so.  It wasn’t because of the fantastic deal I scored on hair products, either.  It was because much of the apparel hanging there on the racks is paying tribute to the 80s, that’s why.  The neon colors, the off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, the Swatch Watch knockoffs.  I took a few pics as to share with you the fashion that struck me…

Oh my eyes!
Target - making it easy to dress for an 80s party

They even have this little beauty for the guys:

Save Ferris indeed.

So if you find yourself in need of relatively cheap clothing to wear to an 80s theme party, stop by Target.

I did happen to purchase a perfect little something for myself.  Only $12.99 and they look just like I remembered.  I’m just giddy over them!

Ray Ban Wayfarer look-alikes.  BOOM!

Happy Shopping!

So…What Are You Wearing?

I consider myself to be pretty fashionable.  I don’t know if you would call me a “fashionista”, meaning I won’t be wearing anything you see on a runway because that shit is usually ugly.  But I do like to pair up a tailored outfit with some funky, bad-ass heels.  Most of my clothes come from Ann Taylor Loft or Banana Republic nowadays.  Yes, they can be a bit pricy, but I always have some sort of discount to use and they hold up for years.  Most importantly though, they make me look gooood.

But when I look back at pictures of my teenage years I wonder what the hell I was thinking.  The hair was bad enough.  But add into the mix: boxy t-shirts, parachute pants, leg warmers, headbands, skinny ties (girls wore them too), lacy gloves, overalls, pleated Guess jeans (I never actually had these, but desperately wanted that damn little triangle on my butt), shoulder pads, neon, Members Only jackets, turned up collars, banana clips and the dreaded stirrup pant – I just want to crawl into a cave.  I thought I wanted to go back and remember how I looked in the 80s.  So I climbed up into the attic for a pictorial trip down memory lane.  Big mistake.  Thumbing through my high school yearbook is cringe-worthy, but funny nonetheless.

 Let's get physical and keep our ankles warm at the same time!

But I say all this tongue-in-cheek.  It was the ubiquitous style at the time and we all just wanted to fit in.  Looking at those moments captured in time really does make me smile.  And while we, as mere mortals, may not have worn each and every one of the above-mentioned fashion trends, our heroes certainly did.  Thanks to the dawn of MTV in 1981, we were exposed to it right in our very living rooms.  Every day after school (and all day during the summers) I was tuned in.  Watching that astronaut land on the moon.  Waiting (im)patiently for Martha Quinn to rotate in the latest Prince video.  Suffering through the Culture Club video I had already seen a thousand times.  But how could I ever even think of changing the channel?  First of all, there was no remote and I was too lazy to get up to physically switch the station.  Secondly, cable tv sucked in 1983 and I wasn’t about to watch another rerun of the Brady Bunch.  Especially when both overt and implied sex seeped out of Music Television.  Finally, regardless of the fact that I had seen each video a gazillion times, I wanted my MTV!

For the life of me, I can’t remember attending a friend’s wedding 10 years ago, but I can remember every single detail of every single video from the 80s.  Amazing.

So for my upcoming 80s theme party I gave my invitees the option of dressing in era clothing if they want to.  I’ve been doing a little shopping myself and there is plenty of 80s garb to be had in stores.  Rue 21 has a crazy selection of stuff you can make work.  The leg warmers and the short gloves; the baggy pants and the skinny ties.  It’s ALL there.

At first I thought I may want to dress like one of those iconic ladies from the video images that are forever emblazoned into my hippocampus.  Like Pat Benatar, with her black leather pants slinking across the set of the You Better Run video.

Do I have the balls to try to pull this look off?

Or Chrissie Hynde, with her guitar and I’m-so-cool-I-don’t-even-need-to-see-what-you-look-like bangs burning up the Middle of the Road stage.

Chrissie Hynde, The Prentenders, Chrissie Hynde Birthday September 7

Could I ever attempt to look this cool?

Or Cyndi Lauper, with her neon eyeshadow and her quirky, flouncy skirts dancing all over the streets of New York in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Shes so unusual

She was unusual, but I could pull this one off.

But let’s face it – those are just fleeting dalliances.  I will be dressed like Madonna.  Spandex skirt over electric blue leggings.  Black bra under a black mesh top.  Rosary beads, mis-matched earrings, short lace gloves, an impossible amount of rubber bracelets and a big bow in my messy hair.  Yep, that’ll be me.

And I’m gonna love every minute of it.

Images *borrowed* from:  Olivia Newton-John pic –; Pat Benatar pic –; Chrissie Hynde pic –; Cyndi Lauper pic –

The Official ‘I Just Believe In Parties’ 80s Trivia Quiz

C’mon, go ahead, take the quiz.  It’ll make you feel good….






Answers to be posted in 1 week.

Hey Bud, Let’s Party!

Quick – Who said it? (I’m referring to the title of this post.)

Jeff Spicoli, of course, from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Fantastic 80s teen movie.

 Back when Sean Penn didn't have a stick up his ass.

Generally, I’m not competitive.  “Winning” at something really doesn’t matter much to me.  The only thing I care to be in any crowd is funny.  I would also settle for smartest.  Or best looking.  But genetics didn’t have my back on those last two.  Thanks a lot, stupid genetics. 

That said, games are fun and I do enjoy playing them at a party.  It gives attendees something to do and keeps them from getting bored, leaving early and gossiping about how lame your parties are behind your back the next day.  However, you don’t want to have a game that is too involved or limits the number of players.  Balance is key.  The best party games involve many competitors, makes them laugh and challenges them to think a little.  So for games of this nature I defer to an expert… my best friend, Heather.

Heather and I have been friends for about 25 years.  She is like a Girlfriend Super Hero.  Her power is biting off more than she can chew and doing so with dignity and grace.  She has 3-year-old twins, takes continuing ed classes to keep her certifications up-to-date for when she decides to go back to her career, operates a (legal) side business out of her home and is awesome in general.  She grounds me but always supports me and laughs at the stupid shit I say.  I love her dearly and am incredibly fortunate that she likes me back.  And when Heather throws a theme-type party she develops a trivia quiz for her guests to ponder.  She puts a lot of thought into them and the result is always entertaining.  Since I don’t care about winning, I usually make up answers so I can watch her laugh when she reads my responses.

Long story short – the trivia quiz is another bitchin’ game choice to offer at your party.  It doesn’t involve as much of your guest’s attention the way a Sixteen Candles drinking game would (see my other post about fun games to have at a party, What’s Happenin’, Hot Stuff?) and it’s relatively easy for you to draft.  Do some research ahead of time and compile a bunch of 80s related details into a Word document.  You know, things like quotes from Reagan or any of the note-worthy 80s movies (“Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Think McFly!”) or trivia about 80s cartoons, such as Transformers, or even memorable MTV moments.  Print them out on colored paper and have piles sitting around in various locations where your guests can find them.  Don’t forget to supply plenty of pens too!  Collect the completed quizzes, tally the responses and announce correct answers and the winner to all of your guests once your shindig is in full swing.  If you choose to give a prize present it to them at this time.

I created an on-line one just for you.  Click here to take it… I Just Believe In Parties 80s Quiz.   Good Luck!

Other games you may want to play at your 80s party:

Pictionary – Way easier than, and not nearly as God-awful boring, as Trivial Pursuit.  Plus if you have a large white board and easel everyone can watch and laugh.  This concept was first introduced to me by good friends of ours in the mid-90s.  Teams always ended up being boys vs. girls and there were several occasions where we were all in tears laughing at the ridiculous things that were being drawn.  Then a few years ago, Charlie and I had a New Year’s Eve Game Night party and Pictionary was the main event.  It was hysterical watching grown ups and their kids scream at (and fight with) each other in order to get the right answer.

Beer Pong – Doesn’t have to be fancy.  Just put a 8′ x 2′ piece of plywood on sawhorses and use Red Solo cups filled with water to create the triangles at each end.  Set a few ping-pong balls on the “table” and people will just play this game on their own – no encouragement needed from you as the host.   Easy-peezy, lemon-squeezy.

Pin The Condom On Madonna – This is my variation of ‘Pin The Glove On Michael’.  I prefer Madonna mainly because I was a MAJOR wannabe in the 80s and she didn’t molest hang around with MacCauley Culkin and Emmanuel Lewis  (Allegedly!).  She was brazen, didn’t take shit from anyone and unapologetically flaunted her sexuality.  Hence, the condom.  Find a picture or poster of the Material Girl and buy a box of Trojans.  Put a piece of tape on the foil and have players tape the prophylactic on the 80s idol.  OR unwrap the rubber and THEN stick it to her.  Now that’s pretty hilarious!  Besides, it’s always a good time when you are blindfolded and spun around after having a few drinks.  NOT!  What is fun, however, is watching other people have it done to them.  Go ahead  ~ Point and laugh!  I certainly do.

My teenaged hero.

Images *borrowed* from:  Jeff Spicoli pic –;  Madonna pic –